Collbenka 1704

We brought back to life formal industrial complex on Kolben street in Prague and we are re-building it into new cultural center. We renovated one of local building not only for rehearsalsof our own Collegium 1704 orchestra, but also for concerts, theatre and orchestra rehearsals, social and cultural events.

We named this unique place Collbenka 1704 and we would like to offer it to you!

What Collbenka 1704 can offer to you?

We have reconstructed two spacious rooms; Arsilda and Emil. We named the Arsilda room after Vivaldi´s opera. Emil got his name after the founder of the local industrial complex Emil Kolben.

We offer both rooms for rent. You can use it as rehearsal space or for cultural and social events. Feel free to contact us anytime!


We have already cooperated with cultural institutions such as Vosto5Prague Philharmonia, Divadlo Archa, Czech Grand Design, FILMharmonie.

History of Collbenky 1704

Collbenka 1704 was initially used only as rehearsal space for our orchestra Collegium 1704 in their production of Vivaldi´s opera Arsilda. We quickly found that this space is exactly what we have been looking for so long; steady rehearsal space for our orchestra with the possibility of renting it for other cultural events. We made necessary technical reconstructions and now we are proudly opening this truly unique space for you!